What is Fit and Sober?

Fit and Sober Classes are the Sunday after the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month from 11:30 to 1:30. Come for one or both!

Free fitness class followed by an All Recovery meeting. Open to anyone in any type of recovery. No prerequisite fitness level required. Newcomers come check us out!

A bit about our mission

Fit and Sober is run by people active in recovery. With over 25 years experience ranging from alcohol, substance abuse, over eating, co-dependent, gambling and self injury we identify cause we’ve been there.

Our inclusive program extends to the adaptive community as well. We use the same empathetic approach to work with amputees and others with physical limitations. Often we see limb loss as just a physical obstacle when if fact it has a spiritually bankrupting affect on many.

We proudly bring our Fit and Sober Program to the Morris County Corrections Facility. Every 2nd and 4th Saturday we deliver a fitness class and recovery meeting to the Hope Wing. Some of us found ourselves in the same spot as the current inmates so we go back to share the solution.

What is Fit and Sober?

Fit and Sober classes are open to anyone in any type of recovery. Using fitness as a means to aid in recovery is not a new concept. While a coffee commitment
and/or regular meeting attendance are great ways of staying connected, when we further add a fitness regime we nurture ourselves that much more.

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Why Fit and Sober?

To provide those in recovery a place where they can connect the physical to the spiritual. Often we find a vacuum when we come into recovery. What do we do with the energy that we have? We find that adding fitness to recovery fills the”hole in the donut”. Provides some purpose, fills time and gets us out of our heads.

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What to Expect!

You can expect a fun hard workout performed by a group of like-minded people. A very inclusive environment that embraces all methods, types and pathways of recovery. With our close relationship with CARES, Recovery Houses and Catholic Charities we can guide people to much needed resources.

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Get Started

For more information on how to offer support or participate in some of the cool things we do click the More Info button. Fit and Sober classes are always free and open to anyone.