This site is for anyone wanting to stop drinking or thinking about stopping drinking and getting healthy.  Anyone who wants to live again.

Fit and Sober is my life TODAY, I actually got fit before I got sober so there is no right order.

I wasn’t always this way though ,for a long time I was an active drinker and when I say active I mean the life of the fucking party active.  I partied before I was a mom, when I was a mom, when I was a waitress, when I was a career woman, when I was a girlfriend, when I was a wife when I was a divorcee.  I liked to drink and party until I no longer liked myself and my getting sober was not an easy “oh yeah I’m gonna get sober I saw the light journey”  Oh hell no I had to keep going through torture. I don’t relate to those that decided enough was enough I had to go through hell.  Here’s my story and I’m here to serve those that realized at  some point it’s no longer a party but a nightmare.

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