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Morris County Corrections

We are the first to bring a Fitness and Recovery class to the jail while also working with Drug Court. Going in as a trainer as well as a CPRS we build relationships and open the door to any pathway for recovery.

Fit and Sober Class

We host a free Fitness Class along with an All Recovery Meeting. The fitness class is scaled to the abilities of the participant, in this model everyone finishes safely. After the fitness class we have an open All Recovery Meeting.

Outside Events

We participate in many team building or physical challenge events. We do Spartans, hiking, running and most recently a Dragonboat Race. In any event you’re bound to work with a myriad of recoveries. It’s beautiful.

CrossFit Shakedown Street

We use CrossFit as our methodology for training folks. Don’t be scared off by what you see on Facebook, it’s not competitive and our trainers are quite versed in injury prevention.

Bag Striking Conditioning

We Utilize our mat room for both self-defense classes as well as Boot Camp style class. Teaching proper striking techniques while adding light weighted and body weight movements we produce a fun high energy calorie burning workout.

Yoga and Nutrition

We round out our programs with a restorative Yoga component. We also provide assistenace with nutrition. We often find when we coem into recovery that our nutrition may have been lacking. This peer to peer assistance helps get us on the right path

Get started…

For more information on how to offer support or participate in some of the cool things we do click the More Info button. Fit and Sober classes are always free and open to anyone.