About Us

Dragonboat Race partnered with CARES. One of many community events we do.

Our Story

What started as an attempt to get some local AA members physically active has turned into something much more. We discovered that there is a huge gap in the recovery world. We recognize that recovery has to reach those that do not necessarily want or connect with the path of a traditional 12 step program. Our mission is to provide guidance to whatever pathway to recovery someone chooses. Our participants range from alcohol and substance abusers to gamblers and co-dependents, over eaters and sex addiction to self injurers. Our in house All Recovery meetings will often reference a 12 step program but we are not affiliated with any.

Our Approach

Our approach is quite simple actually. It is to bridge the connection of the physical to the spiritual. Our experience has shown us that improved physical fitness is directly proportionate to our overall health and recovery. We have created an inclusive environment that uses our CrossFit, Kick Boxing, Self-Defense and Yoga programs as a means springboard to an improved fitness level. These programs accompanied with our event calendar which includes Spartan Races, Dragonboat Races, 5k’s etc bring nice balance to all levels of recovery

All Recovery Meetings waiting for you to join.

Get Started

For more information on how to offer support or participate in some of the cool things we do click the More Info button. Fit and Sober classes are always free and open to anyone.